Friday, June 14, 2013

Week In Review

Reviewing this week's big headlines from Gchat, text messages, and beyond.
  • Has anyone ever looked more boss than Liev Schreiber seems to in Ray Donovan?  {Answer: no.}
  • Good wit is hard to find, and well appreciated.  Welcome to Twitter, Hillz; you're profile is brillz!
  • Theoretically speaking, nothing ever really goes away with Snapchat.
  • If it's on Broadway, I probably cried.
  • Team Gretchen or Team Anyone Else?  {My vote: Team Anyone Else}
  • Keeping with Bravo, if you're not watching Million Dollar Listing, you're missing out on Ryan Serhant (a younger-and "real" life- Mr. Big).  Oh, and the New York real estate market is fascinating-really!
  • Is 26 the age of regression for women in the workplace, or the awakening of the entrepreneurial spirit?  Taking shelter at home is sounding better and better these days.  Must be all that twerking.
  • Okay, but really 26 ain't that old.  At all.  Let's brush up on our street lingo, ladies.  Don't let yourself fall victim to bad circumstances because of poor vocabulary.
  • An addict and I know it.
  • I thought I was in love and then I got to know the guy.  How could I be so wrong, when I'm always so right?  #MadMen
  • More wine, please.
  • Yeah, sure we'll watch the U.S. Open this weekend.  We're big golf fans.
  • Happy June 15th to me!!!!  This retail freeze was killer.

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