Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Yesterday I Got an iPad. And Then I Was an Adult.

Until now the full realization of adulthood has not set in for me.  Then yesterday happened.  Well a culmination of things happened, which brought upon yesterday.  See yesterday I bought an iPad.

A few weeks back I filed my taxes and came into (or rather the government paid me back) a decent sum of money.  Somewhat immediately I decided half of it would be spent on an iPad and accessories.  Accessories meaning a new Kate Spade bag to properly tote said iPad around in.  

So there I was yesterday on my couch after my much awaited trip to the Apple Store.  Me, my laptop, my iPhone, and my brand new shiny iPad.  Talk about feeling gluttonous.  What in the world was I doing with all this tech?  If I had an iPhone to text, make calls, and do other simple tasks with what did I need to delegate to this iPad?  And if I computed, Pinned, and stored my music library on my laptop...well, again what was I to delegate to the iPad?  I remember distinctly thinking on more than one occasion that I needed an iPad.  Suddenly though I just could not remember what that reason (or were they reasons?) were.  Was it because of the Kate Spade bag?  It seemed more than likely, but then again I have a whole Board full of other bags.  Then it hit me (well it hit me after a direct text message from my Mother).  I bought the iPad because I could.  I came into a small windfall, or suplus of funds on the month and was able to afford myself a gadget.  In particular, a gadget that I could do things like read more relevant publications, makes tasks more efficient, and general ease of travel over a laptop.  It was an adult purchase in purpose to do adult things.

Oh, and that bag?  That was just to look good.  #Duhzies 

{Image Credit: Banner Banter}

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